How to participate ?

The adventure never stop ! The knitted squares and yarn collect still goes on and a new giant artwork will be soon started !

There is different ways ff you want to participate to this journey :

Knit your own little squares : 5x5cm (2×2″) or 10x10cm (4×4″). Whatever the yarn, the color, the size of your needles or the stitches (except ribs and stocking) a long as your final square are the good size. You can then send them at this addresse : Tricote un Sourire 11 rue du Moulinet 76000 Rouen FRANCE

Become an ambassador: Thanks to our social media, Facebook and Instagram we can keep you update on our latest news and events. Don’t hesitate to repost our infos to inform your friends about the project ! You can also knit your own Lumi (our mascot !) and take it in photo during your travels to show that smiling and knitting is all around the world ! Finally, if you have a public structure, you can adopt a knitted squares box ! This way, people could participate more easily, simple giving you their squares and yarn, that you will send to us !

If you have questions or if you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer you !