Suzanne’s adventure

In 2016, the project « Together we are Monet » aims to recolt 5x5cm knitted squares all around the Normandy, and to assemble them in a giant all-knitted artwork representing Monet’s painting Woman with a parasol turn to the left.

From knitting picnics to pompom parties at music festivals, from « tricothé » workshops to the sessions of assembling the squares together, we organised numerous activities to federate the inhabitants of the region around this central piece of work. It was also an opportunity to discover the textile art, the rich heritage bound to the yarns, and also, discover or rediscover, Monet and the impressionist movement.

Ensemble nous sommes Monet, Creativa 2016 L'Aventure de Suzanne, les évenements

The challenge for the 2016 edition of the festival “Normandie Impressionniste” was to make at the same time a cultural, popular and festive event where everyone can be an actor in his/her own way. Yarns and human weaving will allow us to create together a lively portrait of the new region of Normandy and to promote the values beyond the territory.

At the end of August 2016, this challenge was finally done ! We were able to present Suzanne, an all-knitted artwork, 6 meters tall and 4 meters wide, just in front of the cathedrale of Rouen !
Suzanne, l'oeuvre tricotée

Since then, Suzanne continue to travel to make people smile ! You can discover her journey here !